If you are interested in baptism for yourself or someone you love, we would love to hear from you!

If you are not already connected to Powassan United, we recommend that you come on a Sunday morning to meet others, introduce yourself to our Minister and experience our worshiping community.

Whether you are connected already or not, we suggest that you read the attached brochure that explains what Baptism is and may answer a few questions you have been wondering about!

After reading it over, give us a call at the Church Office, 705-724-2815 and speak with our Minister who will arrange a time to meet with you and/or the special someone who you would like to have baptized.

What is Baptism?

In The United Church of Canada, baptism is an act of worship when a congregation welcomes a person of any age into the Christian community.

The act of baptism is rooted in the gospel story of Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist and the experience of the early Christian community as is recorded in the Bible’s Christian Testament.

We believe all persons are born pure and good and are cherished by God. Asking to be baptized is an expression of this belief and is a response made in faith to receive the love that God offers.

Baptism is a Sacrament in The United Church. A sacrament is "a visible sign of an invisible grace." We believe that grace, or the unconditional love of God, is affirmed through the administration of the sacrament. We use symbols such as water and a candle to be the visible means of conveying the gift of grace.

Baptism is also the moment when we recognize the entry of this person into the ministry of Jesus Christ. When we are welcomed into the Christian community, we are called to serve with others who are also a part of the Body of Christ, to make the world a more gentle place for all.

Infant baptism is the most common practice in The United Church but our denomination also affirms "believer’s baptism," when persons decide to make a commitment of faith for themselves either as a teen or adult.

How does Baptism take place?

In The United Church, baptism normally takes place within a Sunday morning worship service. A brief ritual begins with a verbal covenant being made between God, the parent(s)/guardian, if the one being baptized cannot make their own promises, and the congregation.

Parents/guardians (or the baptismal candidate themselves, if they are old enough) declare their belief in the Trinity: God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Parents/guardians indicate that they want their child to belong to the Christian Church. They promise to provide a Christian home for their child and encourage the child to participate in the Church. They promise, as well, to actively participate in the life of the congregation within which they are asking to have their child baptized.

The congregation make promises to support the one being baptized and/or the parents/guardians by being a faith community that is open and caring, and by providing opportunities for learning and growth for all ages.

Following the covenant-making, water is sprinkled on the head of the baptized and the words of the Trinity are pronounced as the baptismal candidate is blessed and welcomed into the church family.

A candle is lit and given to the one being baptized, as a symbol of God’s expression of hope in this person-- one through whom the light of Christ is being brought into the world.

Questions that are often asked

? What if, as parents/guardians, we have not been participating in the United Church or are not confirmed members of the United Church?

? What if one parent/guardian wants a child baptized and the other does not?

? What if I am a single parent?

? What if I have moved to another community but want my child to be baptized "back home?"

Any of these questions, and others you may have, can be discussed with Ministry Personnel and members of the Powassan United Church Council. Persons come to our Church with varying life circumstances. As a congregation, we seek to respond with care and concern for all persons and families.