Worship & School

Worship & Church School at Powassan United 


We gather from September to June at 11:00am on Sunday mornings.  In July, we normally meet at 10am and in August, we join our partner congregation—Chisholm United, for worship there.  Chisholm United is located at 1469 Chiswick Line.


Everyone is welcome ... whether you have been a part of this church family for a long time or not, whether you are looking for a place to explore your spirituality or are visiting from out-of-town, there is always a place for you!


We are small in number--that means we are able to be flexible in how we worship.  You can expect a fair amount of participation and variety in our worship services.  We follow what is a common United Church order for our services and within that, we experience storytelling, prayer, film, scripture reading, discussion, meditation, movement, preaching, music and visual art.


In our worship, we want to make connections between the Spirit of God and our lives, and what is going on in our world.  Life can be kind of confusing and overwhelming at times, and it is good to be able to “make meaning” out of what is happening, with others, who are doing the same thing.  Plus, there are times of celebration in our lives, and we want to also bring those times into community, to invite others to share in our joy.


Being small also means there is an opportunity to get to know one another.  We honour silence—there is always time for quiet reflection but there is generally, a chance to connect with others.  We always end our time together with “the Friendship Circle” singing in hope that God’s love will care for each one around the circle.


We do not have a lot of children who come on Sunday morning BUT, there is always a special time for youth in our worship and Church School is always offered, even if there is only one child.  Again, because we are small, there are connections made between all ages.  Every child that comes to Powassan United is known and is special.


We celebrate baptism, one of two sacraments.  You can read more about baptism under our FAQ section.  Communion, the other sacrament, is the act of remembering Jesus’ last meal with his friends, the disciples.  We join together to eat and honour the friendship we have with one another, because of our friendship with him.  We have an open table--everyone who seeks to be a friend of Jesus is welcome to join in the communion meal.


Worship at Powassan United ... means being welcome no matter who you are.  It is a time to bring one’s joys and concerns.  It is a place to belong.  It is a space to invite the Spirit into our lives.