Powassan United Church offers to be with you through all of life’s passages.  Weddings are a time to invite God to be with you at the beginning of your special union. 

If are interested in being married either in Powassan United or by our Minister at another location, contact the Church Office, 705-724-2815 or

 Anyone is welcome to make this request. There are no membership requirements or expectations of association. Requests from all couples regardless of sexual preference, go initially to the Minister and then are taken to the Powassan United Church Council for consideration. Powassan United Church aims to be as open and as inclusive as possible in our life as a congregation. 

What is marriage?

For Christians, marriage is a gift of God. Intended to be a life-long commitment, it is a covenant agreement between God and two persons.  As a relationship of mutuality, marriage is both a gift and a challenge. It is a relationship of promise that supports us in our being and becoming more human, and a challenge to us in living out the Christian values of love, faithfulness, forgiveness and patience.  

The Wedding Ceremony

In the United Church of Canada, marriage is not a sacrament of the Church but it is considered to be sacred. We believe there is a Divine energy that brings two persons together. The manifestation of that Divine presence is love. During the wedding ceremony, we celebrate the Divine and ask God to bless the union of the two persons.  A Christian wedding is a service of worship but designed specifically for the marriage of a couple, although there are some persons who choose to be married within the context of a Sunday morning worship service. In any case, the ceremony includes references to God and the explicit inclusion of Christian values. The life-long intention of the covenant agreement is mentioned if not specifically included in the vows.  The service includes prayer, at least one scripture reading and can include one or more rituals as a sign of the covenant-making, e.g. exchanging rings, lighting of a unity candle, sand ceremony. The couple may choose other readings, can write their own vows or choose from a list of options. Members of the congregation (invited guests) are welcome and encouraged to participate in the ceremony. The length of an average wedding ceremony in a United Church is 20 – 30 minutes.


Couples can discuss the various options for music that can be played at their ceremony with the Minister. We have a piano and an organ and we are open to the use of other musical instruments in our sanctuary. The type of music that is selected should be appropriate for a sacred ceremony that is celebrating relationship and the gift of love.

Floral Arrangements & More

The couple are welcome to decorate the sanctuary as they wish while holding respect for the sacred symbols within that space, e.g. the cross, the communion table and Bible. Often guests are allergic to some types of flowers so this is important to keep in mind.  We ask that confetti and rice not be used in the Church building or on the property as they are difficult to remove and rice is not healthy for birds to consume. Bubbles are welcome outside the building.


As this is a service of worship, any photography should be done with discretion. There should be no more than 2 designated photographers. Invited guests are welcome to take photos during the processional, recessional and the signing of the license and marriage register.

When and Where

A wedding ceremony can take place in the sanctuary of the Powassan United Church or in another location of your choosing at any time of the year. Outdoor locations are fine but it is recommended that you have a backup plan in case of inclement weather.