Booking Space

Booking a Space in the Church

Our Church community is pleased to be able to rent space to others for various functions.  We have the following spaces available:


Sanctuary – Our worship space is configured with pews in a v-formation facing a chancel.  It has excellent acoustics for concerts and theatre productions.  Maximum occupancy is 176 persons seated.  A lift is available at the side entry to take persons up to the sanctuary.


Fellowship Room – This room has a “living room-style” look and feel to it.  Sofas and chairs gather around a coffee table.  Banquet tables can be erected in one end for more formal meetings.  A small kitchenette is located off this room, for ease of food and beverage preparation.  A lift at the side entry can take persons up to this room which is across from the sanctuary.  Maximum occupancy is 60 persons seated without tables and 41 seated with tables.


Dining Room – A large tastefully decorated dining area is available in the lower level.  A long buffet table and dining tables for 6 are always in place but other configurations are possible.  A lift can take persons down to this room from the side entry.  Maximum occupancy is 176 persons seated without tables, and 120 with tables.  If you require the kitchen, that is also available for rent.


Kitchen – A large kitchen with gas stoves, an industrial dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezers is located off the dining room.  It has a large pass through window for serving, dishes for serving and preparation and lots of counter space.  We make lots of use of this space so we know what is needed in a well-equipped kitchen!


If you are interested in renting any of these spaces, please contact our Church Secretary at 705-724-2815.  She will outline the current rental rate and any other particulars that may apply.  It is wise to book well in advance in order to ensure that the space is available for your concert, meeting, workshop or event!  We look forward to hosting you at Powassan United!