Vision & Values

Our Vision


·       To be guided by the teachings of Jesus and other compatible teachings and insights (presently we base our worship on the teachings of Jesus and hold study groups to further explore contemporary understandings of not only Jesus but other faith traditions along with the insights of science and credible scholarship).

·       To live our Love in visible and active ways (presently this is evident in the way we care for one another and work with one another, both within and beyond our own community of faith).

·       To be an inclusive community of faith (presently we seek to welcome and serve all regardless of who or what they are).

·       To create a nurturing environment for spiritual and personal growth (presently we offer worship, service and a variety of learning opportunities).

·       To be an umbrella community of communities (presently we support, encourage, serve and include a number of groups under the broad umbrella called Powassan United).

·       To serve our local communities and world (presently we serve through Grace House—Second Chance Shop, the Basement Bookshop, Soup and Sandwich lunches, Powassan Mental Health Collaborative Group, Mission and Service Fund, and other causes both local & global).



by which we try to achieve our Vision


Our values guide our attitudes, behaviour and decisions as we try to live out our Vision/Mission.  The Powassan UC Council have named the following values for our community of faith:

·   The inherent worth and dignity of every human being

·   Justice, honesty and sensitivity in all our relationships

·   Love, respect, empathy and compassion for all people

·   Diversity and inclusiveness in beliefs, sexual orientation, physical and mental states of being

·   Self-less commitment to the welfare of others

·   Cheerful, enthusiastic and positive attitudes

·   A healthy sense of humour and tolerance

·   Nurturing vision, resourcefulness and teamwork

·   Openness to life-long learning and growth


Approved by the Powassan AGM, March 2018